This is a development project of the 3DIMPact group at University College London. The objective of the website is to provide a single source of information about portable 3D measurement and metrology, placed in the context of a wider 3D measurement spectrum.

We aim to help engineers and technology leaders understand the importance and value of this technology spectrum. Here they can find out more about the related methods, tools and applications which deal with measurement in 3 dimensions.

If you’re just a passer-by who’s curious, welcome to the world of 3D measurement. Enjoy great images of complex 3D scans, find out how to track moving objects to tenths of a millimetre and learn how a picture is worth not just a 1000 words but a large financial investment. Actually, there’s a lot more than this, so take a look!

In the development phase of the website we want to hear from interested individuals and organizations who can help us in different ways such as:

  • Providing feedback which can improve the website’s operation and content
  • Offering corporate sponsorship
  • Giving content on loan in order to improve the website’s initial impact
All contributions to content (instructive text, diagrams, images, videos, case studies, etc) will be properly acknowledged on the website and the ways in which we do this are part of the development discussion.
Initially we need to restrict access to some of the material whilst we edit it and acquire any necessary permissions, but will provide access to a wider development team. If you wish discuss participation at this stage, please contact Stephen Kyle